Fall 2019 Marion Contest Summary

2019 Marion Contest Twin Pusher Sky photo

Two twin pushers battle it out in an overly dramatic Saturday sky.

The 2019 Marion annual HAFFA free flight contest ended on a positive note Sunday October 6 when the sun popped out of the clouds with light winds out of the North.

Earlier in the week we were not sure if the contest would happen due to wet weather issues. Several flyers from Iowa, Texas and Oklahoma as well as the Wichita crew made the journey to Marion along with the HAFFA contingent from the KC area. Most Flyers ended up staying at the Country Inn Motel and hanging out Friday night with the obligatory cocktail hour at one end of the hotel.

Bill Shmidt with Crusader
Bill Schmidt with his Crusader.  A beautiful plane as expected.

Bill Schmidt and Marilyn had set up the picnic table at the south end of the motel with flyers arriving Friday evening around 4:30 p.m. It was reasonably cool Friday evening… drinks were swilled as all the Flyers swapped model flying stories. For me this is one of the perks of the contest! Continue reading

HAFFA Member Roie Black Completes His First Flight of a Boeing B-29 Superfortress at the Sept 7th, 2019 CAF Open Hanger Days

Roie Black in front of B-29

Having flown in a B-17, his flight in “Doc” rounds out his wish list for flights aboard WWII “Warbirds”. “Fifi” and “Doc” are the only two remaining roughly 75 year old B-29’s that are now capable of flying.

Boeing B-29 Superfortress Bombardier Jacket Patch

Boeing B-29 Superfortress Bombardier Jacket Patch

As a souvenir of his flight, Roie is holding up a “Docs Friends” B-29 patch shown at right that will be sewn on his bombardier jacket.

Roie described the flight as “Amazing”. His seat was in the rear of the plane near the ball turret where the machine guns are still theoretically positioned to fire. He said that looking out through the three Plexiglas blisters windows there gave him an appreciation of what the crewmen must have experienced when they tried to fend off enemy attacks.

More info about this plane can be found at this Wikipedia web page:

Boeing B-29 Superfortress – Wikipedia

commemorative-af-logoThere were 5 very successful Open Hanger Days Events this year put on by the Commemorative Air Force Heart of America Wing.  Look for the dates on this site next year during the summer months so you can be sure to enjoy a flight in a “Warbird” as so many others have already done so.

Doc B-29 Close-up

Here is a closer shot of the nose of the B-29 with the crew getting ready to take up more passengers.

Although these videos below are not of “Doc” per se, they provide more info about the Boeing B-29 Superfortress.



Stearman PT-13.jpg

The Author,  Jeff Nisley, took an exciting 30 minute flight in the CAF’s Stearman PT-13 that afternoon as well.

Jeff Nisley’s Half-size Wakefield Lands safely in Flying Field while Charlie Tailer’s — isn’t so Lucky

Main View - Jeff Nisley's Half-size Kansas WakefieldJeff Nisley’s Half-size Wakefield is featured in a new “HAFFA Members of the Month” web page titled: Jeff Nisley —Aug 2019 HAFFA Member.

At our Aug 13th Outdoor Flying Event Jeff recorded a flight time of 1 minute 14 seconds. He’s extremely luckily it didn’t fly out of our limited size flying field west of the Frontier Middle School nor did it land in a tree, as did Charlie Taylor’s Half-size Wakefield (1/2 Awake) plane.

Charlie got it back the next day, however, but not without paying a ransom consisting of a case of Miller Light beer (and coincidentally an 80 mile round trip from Independence) to retrieve the plane. It seems that the ransom was not for the plane but for the propeller found in the grass. It goes without saying that the real work was the work courtesy of the man’s son who actually climbed the tree to retrieve the plane.

A Joyest Day for CAF Open Hangar Days Event Goers but a Sad One for a Solitary FPG9 Foam Glider

Plane left at Open Hanger Days

Alone and isolated in the CAF hangar , will this FPG9 Foam Glider ever find his/her rightful owner?

In the foreground of the above photo lies one of the first ever Foam Plate Glider Airplanes known to have been left behind at an Open Hangar Days Event. Sponsoring the summer monthly events is the  Commemorative Air Force Heart of America Wing.


Because the gliders are so popular it is rare to have one left behind. So rare in fact it is newsworthy, hence this Post! “Haven’t seen one left over in the 5 years we have been hosting the event.” was one of the comments heard.

During each event, Members of the HAFFA club guide eager kids with smiling faces make their very own Foam Plate Gliders.

The Foam Plate Glider, officially known as the


Liz Basser helps a young visitor make a foam plate glider.

FPG9 Foam Glider, is an easy to construct glider made of foam plates (best ones to use are the inexpensive ones at Walmart) using a pair of scissors and a penny for the nose weight. The FPG9 Foam Glider was designed by Jack Reynolds. This design and many other Foam Plate and Plastic Straw gliders can be found HERE.

Yes, in addition the unlucky young person who left the foam glider behind is probably feeling a little sad right now. But never fear as one can make another one at next month’s event that will fly even better.

A schedule for future Open Hangar Days events can be found HERE. They are free to the public.

Here is a link to Jeff Nisley’s Half-size Kansas Wakefield web page

Here is a link to Jeff Nisley’s The Bostonian Bludgy web page

HAFFA Boasts Two New Members!

GREAT NEWS! We now have 2 new HAFFA members as of this month. Roie Black and his wife Cheryl stopped by our HAFFA June Business meeting and introduced themselves!

The Blacks have just recently moved to their recently renovated home here in Kansas City from Texas. Roie has had a fascinating career as a aerospace engineer and a computer scientist.

Jeff Renz found this blog written by Roie on the internet entitled: How I became a Rocket Scientist. A great read: http://www.co-pylit.org/blog/how-i-became-a-rocket-scientist.html

Roie and Cheryl have so far participated in most of our HAFFA events to date (actually all). Thanks guys! So we wish them both the best of luck it re-invigorating Roie’s childhood hobby in 2019!

BoGie WiNs Again! 2019 Intra-Club HAFFA Indoor Contest Concludes with a Fantastic Mass Launch — Contest Scores Below

HAFFA’s Annual Indoor Model Airplane contest concluded successfully with a great mass launch effort by all of the “Pit Crews” for the stars and aviators with 7 planes simultaneously competing for the coveted longest time in the air 1st place.

Humphrey Bogart, a consistent winner, proved once again that he was “worth his salt” by beating out Jimmy Stewart, Bette Midler, Pappy Boyington,, Marilyn Monroe, Glenn Miller, and by narrowly beating out Natalie Wood by two seconds to take the grand prize.

The April 6, 2019 Mass launch video can be see here:


Contest Placement sheet

April 6, 2019 Indoor Flying Session Scores:

sidebarComet ROG:  Renz 3, Field 2, Nisley 1

Glider: Field 3, Vetter 2, Renz 1

FAC Phantom Flash: Nisley 4, Field 3, Vetter 2, Renz 1 

P18: Baker 5, Field 4, Vetter 3, Renz 2, Nisley 1  

Starting with the March totals for the 2019 year and adding the April scores… see totals below.

1 Nisley  Total 39+1+4+1=45 (HAFFA 2019 CHAMP)

2 Renz  37+2+1+1+3=44

3 Field 23+4+2+3+3=35

4 Vetter 27+3+2+2=34

5 Baird 17

6 Baker 11+5=16

7 White 2

A big thanks goes to the Contest Director, Jeff Renz, for all his work to run the contest and the substantial paperwork needed to keep track of the scores this season and the contest itself. Awards will be handed out at our next HAFFA Business Meeting, April 16. Thanks to all who attended.

A Challenge Goes Out to Area Model Airplane Clubs to Form Their Own Fleets of “Stars and Aviators Take Flight — P-18 Mass Launch” to Compete with HAFFA.

At the last HAFFA Indoor Flying Session, February 2, 2018, “Bette Midler”, Dennis Baker’s contribution to the Stars and Aviators Take Flight fleet, took first place in the newly created Mass Launch Event featuring Vanguard P-18 Indoor model airplanes built by HAFFA members.

Jeff Nisley’s entry, “Marilyn Monroe” made a respectable showing coming in second—losing by a mere 4 seconds. Needless to say, it was an exciting spectacle to participate in and to watch.

movie stars and aviators take flight vanguard p-18 logo wing tip photo orangeThe “Movie Stars and Aviators” Mass Launch Event is a newly implemented idea For Model Airplane Clubs to generate interest for visitors. Visitors are allowed to pick their favorite Vintage Movie Star or Aviator from a fleet of planes that the club brings to each indoor session. A member of the club will then show the visitor the process of winding the rubber motor and will instruct the participant on how to launch the model. When the countdown begins at high noon, expectations are high for their favorite celebrity. Win or lose everyone enjoys the event.

Below is a video of  the current line-up of HAFFA’s fleet showing 5 planes—4 Stars and 1 Aviator. We expect to have more as this idea catches on.

Stars and Aviators Take Flight
Vanguard P-18 Mass Launch HAFFA Fleet Line-up

Because this has been such a success with the Heart of America Free Flight Association (HAFFA), we believe it is time to reach out to other area Model Airplane Clubs and offer a challenge for them to get on board and have their own members create a fleet for their respective clubs. HAFFA members would certainly enjoy the competition.

Details of the program are set forth on this webpage:

Movie Stars and Aviators Take Flight – Indoor P-18 MASS LAUNCH

Questions about the program can be sent via email to jeffnisley@ymail.com.

If this Idea Catches on there is No Reason that Clubs Across the Nation can’t Join in on the Fun.

Thanks for viewing and we look forward to hearing from our Sister Club in Wichita, Wichita Historic Aircraft Modelers (WHAM) and from the Model Airplane Group in Omaha, Nebraska.

First Ever Movie Stars and Aviators P-18 Mass Launch Indoor Airplane Event Deemed a Victory for All

movie stars and aviators take flight vanguard p-18 logo with border

Humphrey Bogart is declared by far the winner of the event, with Pappy Boyington coming in Second and Marilyn Monroe finishing Last.

Humphrey Bogart P-18 rudder and wing tip
Sunday January 5, 2018 marked a historic day for the Heart of America Free Flight Association’s Visitor Participation Mass launch.

Three Vanguard P-18 Indoor Planes participated in what many people are saying is the NEXT BIG THING for Indoor Modeling Clubs.

Humphrey Bogart rudder & stab photoA relatively new idea, this unique program encourages Model Airplane Clubs to persuade their members to build Vanguard P-18 indoor model airplanes available in laser kit form from LaserCutPlanes.com so visitors to the events can partner up with the members to experience the basics of Indoor Free Flight.

The Mass Launch commences at 12 noon, allowing a welcome break for fellow modelers, and a fun event for visitors to participate in what they are sure to grow to appreciate. Win or lose, it’s fun to see your VIP up there trying their hardest to win.

What originally started out as Movie Stars Take Flight — Indoor P-18 MASS LAUNCH has evolved to include your Favorite Historic Aviator, whether it is one of the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, or the controversial Howard Hughes, it’s up to the member who they want to represent their plane. Along with the new name for the program came an updated Logo for the wing tip that spells out clearly what the program is all about.

Happy for his tremendous success, below is what “Bogie” has on his left wing tip—the new “Official” Updated Logo—complements of Jeff Nisley, his proud owner.

movie stars and aviators take flight vanguard p-18 logo wing tip photo orange

One of our long standing HAFFA members, Wally Freeburg, requested a plane to be built to honor the World War II flying Ace, Pappy Boyington. So the “Black Sheep” aviator has joined HAFFA’s growing fleet, and is now competing with the “Best of ’em”. ____________________________________________________________________

Members of different Regional or National Model Airplane clubs can claim victory for their club with their plane if their VIP has the longest flight time. We expect competitions between clubs to help generate interest among spectators to the indoor events as well as to add a fun event for the club members who didn’t bring a plane to fly that day.

Each plane is decorated with a theme consisting of a vintage Movie Star or a historic Aviator. This consists of the photo of the star or aviator printed on tissue placed on the rudder of the Vanguard P-18. The left wing tip is reserved for the Star or Aviator’s name and the Program’s Official Logo is placed on the right wing tip.

Full instructions on how to accomplish this will be forth coming from the Program’s founder and promoter, Jeff Nisley. For questions and comments his email address is jeffnisley@ymail.com.

February 2, 2018 is HAFFA’s next Indoor Flying Session and expectations are high that many more planes will join HAFFA’s fleet—the first ever of its kind in the nation.

So to close out this POST, the Indoor Participants of HAFFA challenge our Sister organization in Kansas, the Wham or Wichita Historic Aircraft Modelers, to join in on the fun. We also challenge the folks up in Omaha that fly indoor model airplanes to contact us, get on board, and build a fleet of their own. We look forward to the competition!

Fall 2017 Marion KS HAFFA Free Flight Contest

Each year the end the first week of October culminates with the HAFFA club’s outdoor Marion Kansas Free Flight Contest. This year the weekend’s warm windy weather was a bit challenging for the 2017 contest flyers. However the competitors were able to work around the windy conditions pretty well by the time flying ended on Sunday afternoon. We had experienced gusts up to 25mph by Sunday noon and quit flying around 2:30pm. By that time Bob Hanford was putting up his large class power ship for a last flight and Chuck Powell was getting up enough nerve for flying the new bungee launch glider event. Some flyers were still putting up their FAC Jet Cat flights as well. Chuck Powell won the Marion Cup this year with 44 points. Chuck flew 16 events. I think this was amazing considering the windy conditions. Great job Chuck! Bob Hanford and Scott Baird followed with 19 points each.

Each modeler has to expend effort in planning, building, practice and efficient vehicle packing to get to Marion Kansas about 50 miles west of Emporia, KS. Our club is very thankful for the attending modelers that drive all the way from Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri for the precious two days of unlimited space for flying. Due to the unique rotation of the calendar weekend dates this year the contest fell on the same weekend as “old settlers days”. This added an extra thousand people in town for the Marion Parade and revelers. The Marion motel rooms were filled up and difficult to obtain as a result of the additional activity. Some of us camped out at the airport. The weather turned out to be a good weekend for camping. Jim O’Reilly camped out at the local lake. He had brought down his camper trailer from Wichita. Phil Burress brought down his amazing rebuilt 1950’s camper to the airport, and Chuck, Linda and their family set up at the airport while Renz pitched a tent next to one of the hangars. Friday night Phil played guitar and Chuck played banjo. These guys were great! They played a bunch of blue grass standards and some new stuff as well. The night air and surrounding metal hangars provided a nice concert venue with no PA system required. They had Renz and O’Reilly stomping their feet after a few minutes. This was a great addition to a perfect evening.

Friday evening test flying was fantastic. It was warm and calm. Renz counted at least more than 6 to 8 vehicles out on the field with modelers enjoying the great weather and test flying making their final tweaks and adjustments. Jeff Nisley, and Scott Baird along with several of the Wichita flyers were putting up some great flights.

There was an adjustment to the traditional Friday night 5pm cocktail hour this year….It was really closer to 5:30 pm so it started later than previous years. We really missed the Bill Schmidt portable bar set up. (Bill and Marilyn had been scheduled a year in advance to be out of town) and could not make it. We had to go it alone with a beer or two. I sure missed the Schmidt “Old Fashioned” carefully mixed by Bill and Marilyn. Dana, Charley and Liz along with Renz made the cocktail hour work with the existing lawn chairs and some small tables. Several flyers were still hard at it flying due to the incredibly nice weather and pressed on until the sun set and it was time for dinner. While that was going on Mike Basta was busy trying to get his chase bike to run. His “nephew” David Gibson (now an Airline Pilot on A320 Airbus Aircraft) drove down to help Mike with the contest and the bike. They found out the Suzuki fuel shut off valve system internal seals were damaged. They both kept at it and worked until dark. Lucky for the HAFFA contingent Dana had brought down Lynn’s chase bike and was able to get it running with a new battery and fresh gas. We were down to one chase bike. (Thanks to Lynn Chaffee!) we love you Lynn!

Even though it was windy this Marion contest had a special meaning associated with the Half-A-Gollywock mass launch. We flew the mass launch in honor of our club member Lynn Chaffee who had passed away a week before the contest. Lynn had built the first Half-A-Gollywock in the HAFFA club I believe around 2014. Dana Field had found the Gollywock plans in the British Aero Modeler Magazine and brought plans to our HAFFA business meeting. Lynn took his plans home and built one of these little ships right away. This airplane has been part of our local bi-weekly club contest model for 3 years now. Lynn covered it with yellow and black tissue like a bumble Bee. He had just flown it in August and we were all impressed how he had got that little machine dialed in. Chuck Powell had called me and the day after Lynn passed and told me he had seen Lynn’s Half-A-Gollywock at Marion and thought it was so cool he went home and built one. Once Chuck got his Half-A-Gollywock built the other members of the WHAM (Wichita Historical Aircraft Modelers) followed suit and built them as well. The little plane is a little tricky to trim but does fly well. HAFFA would like to thank Jeff Englert for running and coordinating this FAC mass launch event. Prior to the launch we all took a moment before the mass launch to say a few words about Lynn. Chuck told the story mentioned above and we held up our airplanes in Lynn’s honor before we launched. Even though the wind was gusting 10-15 mph the contest went three rounds with Chuck winning the event. Congrats to Chuck! Jeff Nisley’s plane went out of site only to be found by Mike Basta 23 hours later at the edge of the airport hiding in the grass. I am guessing miraculously Lynn intervened and did not want Nisley to lose the plane so he can compete with it next year.

Even though this was a competition there were a lot that a lot of modelers were helping each other. This has probably always been the case. On Friday night Chuck Powell was helping Jeff Nisley with some adjustments to his “Keil Kraft Competitor”. Jeff Nisley is relatively new to the sport but has been turning out some great works of flying art over the past few summer months. On one test flight the balsa carved prop on the KK Competitor broke in half! Chuck said “No Problem” and pulled out the CA glue and fixed it on the spot. Nisley was shocked….thinking that he would not fly that plane again for the weekend. He watched in amazement as Chuck Powell accurately fixed the prop. That same plane (with that broken prop) made several competitive flights all weekend even in the wind.

Renz’s prop broke on Saturday morning as well. Renz had patched up Abe Gallas’ old ” SKY GULL” at the last minute with tissue and dope patches all over the fuselage. When Abe had passed on he had wound up with the model (given by the family) and hung it up in his basement. It had been hanging there for at least three years. By the time Renz got it wound he had help from no less than 4 HAFFA flyers getting this plane airborne. Dana set up his tent and l his tables for Renz, Scott Baird and Charley Taylor helped him to get the wing strapped on and to load the rubber motor in the old crate which got complicated because he did not have the right stuffer stick. Nisley had one handy and loaned his. Finally though just as the beast was loaded in the stooge and wound the prop latch broke off the prop. Like Nisley on Friday Night…. Renz thought that was it for the old ” SKY GULL” and it would not fly again this year. Mike Basta came to the rescue and built a new prop latch with pieces of tubing and wire from this tool box and spot glued it back into the prop. The model was wound up and launched. Charley timed it for a 56 second flight clear across the field—which was good enough. We sure hope Abe was watching. (Some times it takes a Village).

Dianne Basta did a fantastic job designing and printing the high quality award certificates as this has to be very time consuming. All the recipients really appreciated the awards. Thanks so much Dianne!

Jeff Englert did a great job keeping the FAC events on schedule and running the SAM events for HAFFA. We really appreciate his time conducting the mass launches which are a great part of the contest to participate in. The Marion Airplane contest mascot: Muffin (Jeff’s Beagle) made the rounds all day. That hound covers some ground! We had to move flying locations several times on Saturday. Muffin never got behind and always managed to show up and say hello each time we moved. My niece and nephew look forward to seeing Muffin at every contest along with everyone else! Our club would like to thank our club president Mike Basta for running the contest again this year knowing that many hours of preparation and coordination are required. All the flyers and our club members really appreciate the Basta’s efforts. Once again we were blessed with the wonderful meals provided by local chef Gretchen Unruh. Her spicy beef and special fried chicken along with fresh baked homemade bread and pies are to die for. This food provides a really special part of the overall experience flying at Marion.

The Saturday night meal in the café in near-by Florence Kansas was enjoyed by all flyers. Plenty of prime rib was just the ticket for the starving modelers. No one went away hungry! What a deal. Finally we would like to thank the city of Marion and Dick Mclendon for coming out to the Marion Airport Sunday afternoon to present the Marion Cup. The presentation always provides an additional level of authenticity to the HAFFA club’s meet and provides for good interaction between civic leaders and model flyers.

This year several youth attended the Marion Contest. Chuck and Linda Powell’s grand kids were there competing in full force, Earl Griffith brought his grand-daughter, and Julianna and Ayden Johnson flew airplanes as well. This is our future to keeping free flight alive getting kids interested.

Jeff Renz had sent a list of questions to his 10 year old niece Julianna Johnson and had asked for her comments. This is what he got back: Responses are in Italics.

At what location was your latest model airplane contest held? Marion

When was it held? (What day?) Saturday, September 30

What type of model airplane did you fly? Glider

What type of material is the airplane constructed from? Balsa wood, glue and paint

What were the weather conditions when you flew it? (what was the temperature?, was the wind blowing?) the wind was blowing and i’d say it was about 70 degrees

Did you brother help you? No

Did you mom help you? She helped me get it attached to the launcher

How did you launch the airplane? With the launcher, to the side, on a hill and I didn’t pull really hard on the launcher

With the wind or into the wind? Into the wind

What type of equipment did you use to launch the airplane? A launcher

Did the airplane fly? Yes

If the airplane did fly how far did it go? About a mile

Once you launched the airplane where you able to retrieve it? Not at first

What color was the airplane? Was it hard to see?it was orange and yes it was hard to see

How many contests had you attended so far? 4,

How long have you been flying model airplanes outdoors? About 4 years but it was just for fun

Will you ever fly at a model airplane contest again? Yes

Hear is a story of me flying my glider (written by Julianna Johnson Age 10) It was a windy Saturday we had just driven up to Marion from Mcpherson Ks. I got to see my uncle Jeff Renz. after a few hours, we ( me and my brother Ayden) decided to fly some gliders. I had just went up on a hill and Ayden had already flown his glider about a quarter mile. It was my turn, I got my glider attached to my launcher, put it to my left side pulled it not to hard and let go it went flying. It soared and soared it went passed one building it went passed another. And then disappeared. we like that it went about two minutes then this very nice man came and he found it. Yay! And that is the story of my glider

2017 Marion Spring Contest Sponsored by Wichita Historic Aircraft Modelers (WHAM) a Winner

By Jeff Renz

Things went well at the WHAM (Wichita Historical Aircraft Modelers) contest in Marion, KS June 3rd and 4th 2017.

Although there was always rain and T-storms in the weather forecast, it never actually rained on us during the flying time.  Wind was not really a factor.  There were some gusts on Sunday but it was still very flyable with thermals present.  (Note that the partly cloudy sky created stop and go flying due to cooling and heating of the prairie field landing strip).  Mike Basta and Jeff Nisley went down the Friday night before the contest to represent HAFFA and set up and test fly their models.  The local hotel rooms were difficult to obtain due to a large Marion city park celebration. Mike and Jeff Nisley were staying at Hillsboro the closest town over from Marion.  Jeff Renz made it down on Saturday morning.  Jeff’s sister Jana brought his nephew Ayden Johnson and niece Juliana Johnson over to fly from McPherson Kansas which is 40 minutes west of the Marion flying field.  There were competitors from Arkansas, East Texas, DFW Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado.  Lots of powered flights were completed which was very evident by the smell of nitro methane and the sound from high revving model airplane engines.

Many mass launches were held.  Jeff Nisley flew his Fokker D8 in the WW1 mass launch.  This was great because we have not had any HAFFA representation for WW1 FAC until this year.  Jeff Nisley’s Fokker D8 is a work of art and received many positive comments from the other contestants.  Don Deloach from Colorado Springs area spent time with Nisley on some flight trimming techniques.  Don also gave a primer on braiding rubber motors which was really informative.  Nisley is going to present the braiding method in our up coming business meeting. 

Mike Basta was able to make many flights with his tip launch discuss launch gliders as well as putting up his FAI coupe for several flights.  Mike flew his Jader 60 towline glider in NOS towline late Saturday afternoon.  During the tow up a sharp gust caused catastrophic spar failure and the wing separated in half.  The rest of the plane survived and will be ready for the October HAFFA Marion contest.

Ayden and Juliana Johnson flew AMA catapult gliders and had a ball.  This year Ayden entered a couple of rubber events.  P-30 and Open rubber.  Ayden got the surprise of his life when the plane he was flying the open rubber event and made an out of site flight claimed by thermal god HUNG.  The plane was Bob K s Flying Aces Moth.  Renz helped set it up in the stooge and had Ayden put 500 winds in the motor.  Ayden then launched the Moth and it made a 60 foot circle and spiraled into the tall grass undamaged.  Ayden seemed a little disappointed with the effort.   A 1/32 thick balsa shim was installed in the trailing edge of the stabilizer and another attempt was made.  Ayden was told to add 800 turns into the motor.   This time it was more exciting.  The Moth climbed up 50 feet and made a hard spiral right hand dive towards the ground.  Within 5 feet of the ground it pulled up gradually as the torque burned off.  It caught a thermal at about 50 feet.  It might be time to mention that during the installation of the balsa shim Ayden asked what the aluminum tube in the back bottom of the Moth fuselage was for.  Renz explained that was for the dethermalizer mechanism and that it would not be needed due to the fact that this was still a test flight and the old model was having difficulty flying anyway.  Ayden asked how the fuse should be installed.  Renz told him he would not need to install it or light it.  Hmmmmmmmm at about 500 feet Ayden said …uncle Jeff I think we should have used a fuse!  Bob’s Moth continued to fly north west towards the Marion golf course and directly over the city.  The model was a small spec in the sky when it went into the clouds.  Bob K had passed away several years ago but he got his model back!  He was heaven watching it I am sure.  I am sure he enjoyed watching the flight from above.  Ayden was stunned.  This was only the second time he had launched a fully wound outdoor stick and tissue model and it went OOS.  A flight we will never forget.

The FAC Jet Cat event was well attended. Jeff Nisley and Mike Basta did quite well.  Deloach helped Nisley with some launch techniques.

Over all the contest was well attended.  We would like to thank Chuck and Linda Powell and the WAHM club for putting on a great contest!  Thanks to Jeff Englert for running all the mass launch events and FAC events.

Just when we left the Marion field a real gulley-washer rainstorm hit Sunday late afternoon.  We were on the pavement finishing loading up the motorcycles and some airplane boxes when it hit. We were all able to make it home safely.

Just a reminder the up and coming Marion October 1st contest sponsored by our club is worth the 2 hour trip to Marion.  Even if you only go for the day.  Lots of socializing and commradry with modelers from multiple states who have a passion for flying freeflight models like we all enjoy.

Also would we would like to thank Lynn Chaffee, Jack Vetter, Charley Taylor and Liz for helping with the OPEN HANGAR DAY event which was the same day as the Marion Contest June 3 out at the Olathe Naval AirStation Commemorative Airforce event. They ran the build and take session for the foam plate gliders.  Their help was really appreciated so that we could attend the Marion Contest.