HAFFA Outdoor Flying Sessions

2 guys flying gollywok300

Half Gollywock is one of our events

Above is a picture of Suman Saripalli flying a Carl Perkins’ Double Feature in Lawrence February 20, 2017. Photo by Paul Morgenroth

Record these Flying Sessions dates on your Calendar:

May 8thMay 22thJune 12thJune 26thJuly 10thJuly 24th — Aug 14th — Aug 28th —Sept 11th

Flight times will be recorded each session and the Championship Winner will be announced at the HAFFA Annual Picnic Sept 23rd at the end of the season.
Good luck guys!.

Dates for the sessions are also on our Events Calandar Page.

Outdoor Flying Sessions are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month this summer and fall. The flying sessions are held in Olathe, just west of the Frontier Trail Middle School in the activity fields located at 143rd and Blackbob Road. The address is: 15357 W. 143rd St., Olathe, KS. (Scroll down this page for a Google map to plan your route there.)

We usually start between 6:30 pm and 7 pm and fly until dark. There is no charge to attend and we encourage new comers to help our members time events. (A stopwatch will be provided.)

For the year 2018 it has been decided to have 4 Categories of Outdoor Model Aircraft Competitions.

Click on the link below for the 2018 Rules (PDF Document):

HAFFA 2018 Outdoor Championship

The 4 categories are:

Catapult Launch Glider
AMA Rules to the letter

1/2 Size Gollywock
7″ plastic or Balsa Propeller
BMJR Models Half Gollywock Kit

FAC Jet Catapult Launch Glider
FAC rules with bonus points.

hand launch glider 350Thermic Hand Launched Glider
AMA HLG rules
(Jasco or Jetco versions)
Thermic Dart, Thermic 18, Thermic 20, Thermic 30, Thermic 50, Thermic B
AMA HLG rules apply:



 Below is a Google Map of the Olathe Flying Site the club uses. The area just to the left of Frontier Middle School is the area we use so park just to the right of it. If it appears that no one has shown up— we may have moved our location depending on the wind direction. Click the “View larger map” link in the top left corner to access all of the features of Google Maps.