Movie Stars Take Flight – P-18 MASS LAUNCH


This fall, with a desire to increase interest in our fall and winter Indoor Flying Events, HAFFA is introducing a new and novel MASS LAUNCH for our Indoor Flying Events. Tilted “Movie Stars Take Flight – P-18 MASS LAUNCH”, the event will allow Spectators to participate in launching hopefully a boatload number of Vangaurd P-18 Indoor Model Airplanes available in kit form from Laser Cut Models:


What’s special about this HAFFA sponsored event is that each plane will honor a favorite movie star or entertainer of a HAFFA Member’s choice. Spectators will be allowed to pick their plane to fly in the event and have coaching provided by a HAFFA Member. Members will show how to wind the rubber motor and will teach the participant in proper launching techniques so they will have an improved chance to win.

marilyn rudder tissue pic 500

Rudder photo from Jeff Nisley’s Marilyn Monroe Vanguard P-18

Each model will feature a photo of the star on the rudder and his or her name printed on the left wing tip..

We hope to have at least a half a dozen planes flying for our MASS LAUNCH!     Even more will add to the spectacle! 

marilyn wing tip text 400

Name of Movie Star on tissue wing tip panel

Jeff Nisley’s plane (Marilyn Monroe) will debut at our next Indoor Flying Session Saturday December 1st — 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Having said this—the next section in this article is a shout out for HAFFA Member Participation!

HAFFA Members:

1.  The Heart of America Free Flight Association or HAFFA will provide all of the kits to members at no charge to build these models, the more you make the merrier.

2.  We are asking members to build at least one plane for the event. However if you build 2, the plane of your choice is yours to keep. At the end of the season we are asking that one of your planes be donated to the event for future mass launches. (Note: You can build another one next year to replace it.) You may decide that one of your planes flies better or you especially like the star or entertainer it represents, it’s up to you. Remember—the more you build the better you get at making them, and trimming them.

3.  If we have enough planes for each of the spectators to have a chance to launch a plane, members may fly their extra plane in the MASS LAUNCH.

4. HAFFA Competition Rules allow members to use any P-18 plane they have built to compete in the competition during the season.

5. Times of planes can be recorded during the mass launch, however these times can not be used for official flights.

6. Members are encouraged to write their names and AMA number on the bottom of the motor stick for future reference so we can tell who built what plane in the future.

7.  Jeff Nisley will provide wing tip tissue with the name printed on it to complement the rudder photo he will print for use by the builders. You can apply some or all of the tissue or you can have Jeff apply the photo tissue on the rudder if you provide him with the pieces—your choice—make arrangements with Jeff Nisley through a text.

So far the response is encouraging with Jeff Nisley, Jeff Renz, and Mike Basta pledging to build 2 each. That’s HALF A DOZEN—or as we like to say—HAFFA DOZEN

So Far these three have chosen these stars for their planes to build.

Jeff Nisley Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart
Jeff Renz — Jimmy Stewart and ?
Mike Basta — Glenn Miller and Betty Grable

You can make your Star choices from the list below, or choose one that you’ve come up with.

Stars will be removed from the list as they are assigned. Jeff Nisley will update this web page to reflect the current list of available names. If a star is assigned to a member, it is no longer available for you to choose, so make your choices as soon as you can or you will be sorry. A text to Jeff will suffice. He will tell you if the star is available. —No fighting!—

Stars available as of 11/8/2018 in no particular order are:

Betty Grable — James Cagney — Lucille Ball —Henry Fonda — Betty Grable — Judy Garland – Shirley Temple — John Wayne — Elizabeth Taylor — Hedi Lamarr — Nicole Kidman —Vivian Lee — Red Skelton — Robin Williams —Lanna Turner — Jack Nicholson — Humphry Bogart — Lauren Bacall — Bette Midler —Charlie Chaplin — Ingrid Bergman

Below is a Gallery of Stars. Click the first photo to go to a Slide Show. Use the Esc key on your keyboard to exit the Slide Show.

Check the assigned list above to see if the star you want is  still available.

Note: You can change your mind up until Jeff prints the rudder tissue for you.  If you change your mind—send me a text and I will make the star available again. Good luck and thanks for participating in advance. Jeff Nisley.