Movie Stars and Aviators Take Flight – Indoor P-18 MASS LAUNCH

The first ever Mass Launch was held Jan 5, 2018 and was a success.

Humphrey Bogart P-18 rudder and wing tip

Jeff Nisley’s ” “Bogie” Vanguard P-18. Star’s name is on the Wing Tip & Photo is on the Rudder .

This season, with a desire to increase interest in our Fall and Winter Indoor Flying Sessions, HAFFA is introducing a New and Novel MASS LAUNCH Event Entitled “Movie Stars Take Flight – Indoor P-18 MASS LAUNCH”.

Vanguard P-18The event will allow Spectators to choose a Favorite Movie Star P-18 Indoor Model Airplane we provide and will be able to launch it in the event. HAFFA Members will build the  Vangaurd P-18 Indoor Model Airplanes which are available in kit form from Laser Cut Planes.


Humphrey Bogart rudder & stab photo

What’s amazing is that even from 30′ up you can still make out who it is.

HAFFA Members will show the participating visitors how to wind the rubber motor and will coach them in proper launching techniques so their planes will have a greater chance to win.

At January’s Indoor Flying Session we hope to have a good turn out for our MASS LAUNCH EVENT! We would like to have at least a half dozen planes flying. Or as we like to say—HAFFA Dozen.

Even more will would be great! 

There is already several members that have locked in their favorite star’s name to feature on their plane. ( See the List below.)

Caught in the video below, Marilyn Monroe made her maiden flight on Dec 2, 2018 at the last Indoor Flying Session. As you can see at the end, she headed straight for a WALL!

That’s OK.

You see—part of the fun of flying these crazy things is that they need to be coaxed into flying properly (like in a circle). And as Mike Basta, our president, would say about a plane that is “Trimmed” properly — “She doesn’t seem to be displaying any  BAD HABITS”.

So fiddling with the angle of attack of the rudder or raising or lowering one side or the other of the stabilizer would seem to be in order to correct the straight path she took. (Don’t worry, you get plenty of tips of what to do from other members that can’t help themselves dole out their free advice. It’s all good, however.)

HAFFA Model Airplane Club with new Indoor Flying Event
Stars Take Flight — Indoor P-18 MASS LAUNCH
Jeff Renz with Introduction:

HAFFA Members:

1.  The Heart of America Free Flight Association or HAFFA will provide all of the kits to members at no charge to build these models, the more you make the merrier.

2.  We are asking members to build at least one plane for the event and for use in future events. We hope to have Spectators look forward to these MASS LAUNCHES each time they attend. 

If you build 2 planes, the plane of your choice is yours to keep. At the end of each Indoor Season we are asking that one of your planes be donated to the event for future mass launches. (Note: You can build another one next year to replace it.) You may decide that one of your planes flies better or you especially like the star or entertainer it represents, it’s up to you. Remember—the more you build the better you get at making them, and trimming them.

3.  If we have enough planes for each of the spectators to have a chance to launch a plane, members may fly their extra plane in the MASS LAUNCH.

4. HAFFA Competition Rules allow members to use any P-18 plane they have built to compete in the competition during the season.

5. Times of planes can be recorded during the mass launch, however these times can not be used for official flights.

6. Members are encouraged to write their names and AMA number on the bottom of the motor stick for future reference so we can tell who built what plane in the future.

7.  Jeff Nisley will provide all printed tissue needed. Contact him with any concerns you may have about applying the tissue. And yes if you goof it up—he will print more. No problem.


Available Stars as of 11/25/2018

 James Cagney    Lucille Ball   Henry Fonda   Fred Astaire    Judy Garland    Shirley   Temple    Ingrid Bergman    Elizabeth Taylor   Hedi Lamarr    Nicole Kidman   Marlon Brando   Vivian Lee   Red Skelton    Robin Williams    Lanna Turner    Jack Nicholson           Charlie Chaplin


Stars that have been Assigned as of 12/24/2018
Total Count Now Is 12!

Glenn Miller and Betty Grable — Mike Basta
Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart —Jeff Nisley
Jimmy Stewart and Jane Russell — Jeff Renz
John Wayne —Tim Pivonka
Lauren Bacall — Jerry White
Bette Midler — Dennis Baker
Natalie Wood — Scott Baird
Terry Crews —Paul Morgenroth, III
Pappy Boyington — Jeff Nisley / Wallie Freeburg
Here is a Web page devoted to Pappy Boyington , World War II Ace:


You can make your Star choices from the Available Stars list above,
or select one from your own choosing.

Stars will be removed from the Available Stars list as they are assigned. Jeff Nisley will update this web page to reflect the current lists. If a star is assigned to a member, it is no longer available for you to choose, so make your choices as soon as you can. A text to Jeff will suffice. He will tell you if a star is in fact available.

esc keyNote: You can change your mind up until I print the rudder and wing tip tissue for you.  If you change your mind, send me a text and I will assign your new choice and make your former star available again. Good luck and thanks for participating in advance.       —Jeff Nisley—

Below is a Gallery of Stars. Click the first photo to go to a Slide Show. Use the Esc key on your keyboard to exit the Slide Show.