Feb 2017 Model Aircraft of the Month — Jeff Renz’s A6 Indoor Model Aircraft

This month we feature an A6 class indoor model aircraft built by Jeff Renz.

jeff-renzs-a6-closeup-of-motor-shaft-right-sideJeff has nicknamed his plane the “Hodge Podge”. He explains the name by pointing out that this particular model was made from several iterations of an A6 design and a culmination of ideas from Tem Johnson’s “Dream Catcher”, Gary Hotson’s “Wart” and Emil Schutzel’s A6 prop style… i.e. Hodson /Gowen which flex’s under high torque loads.

The fuselage is a holdover from the 2007 era, the wing is from 2010, and the prop is from 2014. He considers it still a work in progress. He admits that the wire bearing is too tall, but “It was my first attempt at making a wire bearing”. jeff-renzs-a6-tail-group(For those of us unfamiliar with the parts of indoor aircraft, the bearing is the wire loopy thing-a-ma-gig that holds the propeller shaft). The plane weighs 1.28 grams. Rubber motor used is a 17″ loop at .034 wide. Its max flight was a NATS (Academy of Model Aeronautics) 6:41, It made a 4:54 at the Osawatomie gym, Osawatomie, KS. The plane is a lot of fun and is generally predictable.

Below is a YouTube video of a recent flight of the “Hodge Podge” at the Osawatomie gym Feb. 4th 2017. The time was 3:51.

Great job Jeff . Below is a gallery of photos of the “Hodge Podge A6. Click on any of the photos and a Slide show starts. Hit the Esc or escape key on the keyboard to return.


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