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Merry Christmas. Welcome to the HAFFA website.
Please navigate our site to find out what we’re all about.
Our hobby is called Aeromodeling and we specialize in rubber powered Free Flight Model Aircraft. Visit our Upcoming Events page, attend one of our Indoor Flying Sessions, or attend one of our Monthly Business Meetings to learn more about us and to meet the great people we have in our club. To consider joining, go to Join HAFFA or click on the Contact page button to visit with one of our members.


january of 2018:

Ah… Tis the Season of Indoor Flying Sessions!
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guys sitting watching plane airplane550Four New Web Pages:          Model Boy
Evan Guyett’s F1D Indoor Model Aircraft
HAFFA Spring Break Outdoor Flying Event
Fixing Small Tissue Tears on Models

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PW is easy to use 500UPCOMING EVENTS:
Open Hanger Days
Outdoor Flying Sessions
Fall Marion Contest 2018

The Plastic Wood November 1941 Flying Aces Magazine ad is still valid today.

Modelers—Try Famowood wood filler at Ace Hardware. Thinned with acetone—the color “natural” matches balsa wood perfectly.

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exacto boys 500

Open Hanger Days
Outdoor Flying Sessions
HAFFA Fall Marion Contest 2018

Appearing in the June 1942 Flying Aces Magazine is an ad instructing “all HOBBYISTS” how to change blades in an X-acto knife.

Don’t know about you but those two knife wielding X-acto boys look kinda dangerous.

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