Join our group this summer for one of our “Fun Flys” at our flying field in Olathe KS every Tuesday for our OUTDOOR FLYING SESSIONS from 6:00 pm till dark. We have several members that fly hand launched gliders and others that try their luck at wind-up models. This would be a good chance for you to meet some of our members and have some good old fashioned fun as well.

Bring your stopwatch to time some of the flights. (We always need timers.) Kids are always welcome as well, and are the future of this fascinating hobby.

We’re hoping to have our HAFFA 2020 Marion KS Free Flight Contest in the Fall.

Because of the Pandemic it is unsure that it will be scheduled this fall. Check back here, or watch for a Post that gives new insight on the situation In the mean time, go to the webpage above for the latest. At any rate you will have some time to prepare for 2021… Let’s hope for the best.

Photo of HAFFA Annual Picnic group taken 9-13-2015

Get the Skinny on this fall’s Annual HAFFA Picnic.

Date: Sunday Sept 13, 2020 — Time: 12:30 to 4pm — Location: Suman Saripalli’s Carmel Farm —2831 Oak Rd Perry, KS 66073 (near Perry Lake) North of Lawrence