Please Welcome Dave Higgins and Jeff Renz — Your New GUIDES to the GALLERIA OF GLIDERS —

Today—I totally take pride in “LAUNCHING” a new page for the KC Free Flight website called—the “GALLERIA OF GLIDERS“. Dave Higgins and I have teamed up to be your guides to this SPECIAL SPACE that brings you the LATEST in everything related to GLIDERS—in other words—A GALLERIA OF THE GLIDER UNIVERSE!

You can easily find this link in the MENU above because it happens to be in the CENTER!

GALLERIA OF GLIDERS will showcase Vintage and Contemporary Glider Designs as well as Resources for Glider Enthusiasts, whether the focus is Hand Launched Gliders (HLG) or Catapult Launched Gliders (CLG). Also featured will be Building Tips, Glider Plans, Articles and Video Teaching Tools—plus more.

Watch this SPACE. We’re just getting STARTED!

Plan your trip now to visit the GALLERIA! (—No masks required!—)