One of our primary goals at the Heart Of America Free Flight Association is to Promote the Hobby of Free Flight.

Our Sister organization the Wichita Historic Aircraft Modelers also strongly believes in this mission so we have teamed up with WHAM X to actively promote this idea.

If you would like to become a member of the FRIENDS OF FREE FLIGHT INITIATIVE we have provided a way for you to do so at the bottom of this page.

The funds you provide will go to the promotion of Free Flight by way of having available kits for youth to get started in the hobby and other associated costs including printing costs and the costs involved with maintaining a website that facilitates this cause.

Funds generated will be equally shared between the three area participating Free Flight Model Aircraft Clubs, that being HAFFA (Heart of America Free Flight Association, WHAM (Wichita Historic Aircraft Modelers) and MMM (The Magnificent Mountain Men Free Flight Club). In this way a great deal of area is represented (most of Kansas and the eastern half of Colorado).

There are other ways that you can donate. You can donate your time in the way of volunteering. Needed are people that can organize materials and in some cases events. Coming up shortly is the Science Olympiad Program for high school Students. We desperately need volunteers to both help run these events as well as provide assistance to the students with their airplanes.

And the Tradition Continues…

HAFFA Member Dana Field looks on as WHAM Member Bill Schmidt holds up his model aircraft in a very similar manor to the way Dick Corda held up his successful Wakefield back in the 1950s. This photo was taken at the 2014 HAFFA Fall Marion Contest. Your generosity ensures that future generations will continue to proudly hold up their own model airplanes like many of our current and past fellow aeromodelers.

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Your membership fee will help promote the SUPPORT FREE FLIGHT INITIATIVE. This will help us in our efforts to preserve and continue the advancement of the Free Flight hobby for now and for generations to come.