8. Applying plastic strip

The process here is to lay the plastic in the pool of glue and to pull upward on the strip to get the fibers to stand upward. They will then have a better chance of coming together when you place the strip on them again. You can do this several times. Try to get all of the paper on all sides to come together. If there is still a hole, carefully go back in with the knife blade to persuade the last bits of tissue to fill in the gap. Don’t worry if you have applied too much glue—as you can reduce the amount of glue each time between times you repeatedly pull on the paper sides by wiping the plastic strip clean. If the paper won’t pull upward, let the glue dry somewhat to make it more tacky—but don’t let it dry too much or take away too much glue as you want to be left with a nice pool with no bubbles under the strip. When satisfied, leave the strip in place to let dry for at least several hours. One last note: You don’t want to have the pool of glue too thick as you will find this out later.

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