Comet R.O.G. and Phantom Flash — Indoor Model Aircraft


comet ROG orangeThe COMET R.O.G. is a brand new event for
HAFFA’s Seasonal Indoor Flying Contest.

the PHANTOM FLASH is a MUST BUILD for the 2018/19 SEASON!

Both planes are Vintage Designs from the 20s and 30’s.

Vintage Phantom Flash b&w picFortunately the Phantom Flash is a Flying Aces sanctioned event and is available in both a short kit form, and a full kit version.

Phantom flash - RetroRc

Phantom Flash Full Kit from Retro RC

I personally recommend the full kit version that is available from because of all the extras you get in this deal. According to the kits description, these items are included:

Esaki tissue (red, blue, yellow, orange, black or white) is supplied pre-printed with the skull & cross-bones, a 6″ prop and bearings, enough FAI Super Sport rubber to get flying and stainless steel wire for prop shaft, wheel axles and motor hook are all provided in the kit.

 Here is the link to the Kit on the Retro RC website:  Phantom Flash ROG – 16″ span

On the other Hand, there are no available kits available at this time for the Comet R.O.G. This model aircraft must be “Scratch” built. Not a big deal for experienced builders, but for those new to the hobby—Where does one start?

Never fear. Provided here are 5 pages of Supplemental Drawings and Tips to come to the rescue!

These drawings are in PDF form and can be downloaded and or printed directly using these three links:

Comet ROG Supplemental Drawing thumbLink 1.  Comet ROG Supplemental Drawing

This Drawing features a Wing Saddle to be used instead of the original Wing Mount Design that uses wires to grip the stick fuselage, and according to the author, Jeff Nisley, it doesn’t work so well.  Our HAFFA official rules now allow a Saddle to be used. Also included is a True size Landing Gear for the R.O.G. and a handy tip to accurately bend it. 

The next two PDF file links are to 4 more pages  of Additional Information and Tips that I believe will be helpful in building and flying  the R.OG.  I know it’s confusing, but the files I had ended up so large  I had to split it up this way to make it work. Bear with me…

Link 2. Comet ROG Additional Drawings & Tips pages 1 2 3

Link 3. Comet ROG Additional Drawings & Tips page 4

Comet ROG Supplemtal Tips and Drawings Thumb

Make sure when you go to print these pages, your printer settings are not set to “Fit to Printable Area” or something to that effect.

That will goof up the size of objects in the drawings. Using an HP printer, my setting was Page Scaling: None.

In the first drawing above, the wire drawing to the right should be exactly 9-1/2″.

Good Luck. —Jeff Nisley—