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HAFFA3We are known as HAFFA
Heart of America Free Flight Association

HAFFA represents the Kansas City Metropolitan Area’s only Aeromodeling Club.

In the summer and fall months, we have bi-weekly Outdoor Flying Sessions as well as an Annual Picnic flying event which is set for September 16th, 2018. Visitors are always welcome and the events are free.

HAFFA sponsors a Fall National Annual Outdoor Contest in Marion, KS. The contest includes NFFS National cup events as well as AMA, FAI, SAM and FAC events.

In the winter months we have active participation in our Indoor Flying Sessions that culminates with an an annual contest with awards at the end of the season. This next fall we will have a mass launch of P-18s for spectators to participate in.

guys watching plane 380The Heart of America Free Flight Association (HAFFA) is dedicated to the sport of free flight model airplane competition. We are a chartered club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the Society of Antique Modelers (SAM). Most HAFFA Members also belong to the National free Flight Society (NFFS) and/or the national Flying Aces Club.

ama-thumb         sam-thumb
nffs-thumb            flying-aces-thumb         FAC 2

Information and how to join the above organizations can be found at our Aeromodeling Clubs to Join page

For a definition of Aeromodeling, see our web page “What is Aeromodeling?”.

Jack Vetter’s Nesmith Cougar

We also promote building and flying Free Flight model airplanes which are not radio controlled.

For a definition of Free Flight , see our web page  “What is Free Flight?”.

membranous wings 300The type of model aircraft our members build and that you see here (usually rubber powered) are more economically feasible to construct than radio controlled models.

Rubber powered free flight model airplanes are designed to fly in an upward circular path (spiral) at an outdoor field like a pasture or large athletic field. The same spiral flight path is used for indoor models as well.

Outdoor Model Aircraft are often so efficient there’s a good chance they may fly away—sometimes for miles, especially if they make it into a thermal air pocket or pockets. So as a safeguard, there are ways to limit their flight. Even still, most owners of their prized aircraft will write their name and address with a phone number on the plane with hopes that the person finding it will be kind enough to see to it that it makes its way home…


Our Indoor models are designed to fly in a gymnasium or large hangar. They are slower but much lighter and many would say they are more graceful.  It’s not unheard of to have typical flight times of several minutes powered only by a small rubber band.

Founded in 1998, HAFFA provides competitive indoor and outdoor flying events, instructional help and guidance, plus continued inspiration to our awesome members and to the general public as well.

To contact our organization, visit our Contact page. Thanks for visiting our site.


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